Trash/Garbage Enclosures

Street Master Heavy Duty Garbage Can Enclosures Econo Master Outdoor Regular Duty Garbage Bins


These 2 large animal proof welded steel trash bin enclosures can hold 3 large trash pails or approximately 12 bags of refuse neatly and keep out any hungry critters. Fully welded hinges, zinc plated lockable slidebolts, Large top and front steel plate doors for easy loading, as well as getting interior access to thoroughly hose clean easily with drainage and ventilation provided by perforated, galvanized, rear and bottom interlocking 20 gauge slat panels for longevity. Weighing in at around 400 pounds each, these large  metal outdoor garbage storage containers can also be used as recycling storage bins and hold up to 1,000 pounds, while still keeping mobile on their 5 inch solid wheels that even have parking brakes to lock in  place. All custom-made to order, our steel trash can holders can be sized and painted to any size or finish to match your facilities decor and storage needs. While not inexpensive, the welded steel fabrication value of our outdoor trash enclosures makes this purchase a wise choice for durability, cleanliness, ease of use and sizability unmatched in our industry.