Metal & Steel Staircases

Modernize your indoor or outdoor stair projects with our premium metal and steel fabrication services suitable for contractors and homeowners. Our custom iron works can be incorporated into any new construction or replacement staircase projects and our commitment to crafting fireproof custom staircases ensures unparalleled safety and longevity, catering to both outdoor and indoor environments.

Elevate your spaces with the highest quality staircases that blend strength and style, featuring american quality painted or galvanized steel for optimal durability. Our expert craftsmen bring a wealth of experience to every project, delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Whether you’re a contractor aiming for structural integrity, building owner or management company focused on reliability, or a homeowner. Our metal stair fabrication services can offer diamond plate, cement filled, galvanized grating or wood supporting treads of your choice. All of our different types of staircases can come with structural landings, various types of picket or pipe railings fully welded in place and shown on our shop drawings.

Making steel staircases is a craft and an art. Only seasoned steel fabricators and welders can envision laying out, creating and installing either interior or exterior steel staircases to make them seamlessly become part of a building. It is a skilled iron works shop that can make them either all bolt connections, all welded or a bit of both without changing any dimensions for ease of installation and make them all look the same. Whether open tread diamond plate risers, concrete filled pan stairs or galvanized grating treads for mezzanines and catwalks, it takes the skill of an experienced steel fabrication shop to measure, fit, build and install what we consider a permanent structural artwork to be useful and durable for decades with proper maintenance. The type of steel railings and platform landing and how they are incorporated also add to the functionality and beauty of any metal staircase. Pipe railings, guardrails, steel bar pickets and tube railings all give different accents within a buildings décor. So whether industrial, modern, institutional or just plain functional is your buildings decor, steel and iron staircases can be designed and built to enhance any structure if a pro is making them seamlessly. We are your go-to-source for Steel Fabrication, Custom Iron Works and Brooklyn Metal Fabrication throughout New York, NY and the Northeast..

Commercial Staircase Case Study